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The Challenge

Many schools in resource-limited developing nations lack the basic necessities to provide enhanced education, such as infrastructure, reliable electricity, access to Internet, and educational content, including textbooks. Recent attempts to integrate technology into the rural classroom have proven difficult due to the lack of Wi-Fi connectivity and high cost of acquisition and maintenance.

The VTS Solution

VillageTech Solutions is currently developing Looma, an affordable and low power consuming audio-visual technology device which will provide an interactive window to the internet and access to educational content to village schools that have never seen electricity, computers, or in some cases, even books.

Looma is a portable projection system that uses a wand to navigate the screen, like an electronic whiteboard. The system runs on deep-cycle 12 volt batteries that are re-charged using solar power and is about the size of a shoebox.

Features of Looma:
• Interactive whiteboard capability
• Internet connection over any mobile data network and Wi-Fi
• Online and offline educational content
• Web browser
• Local storage capability

Click the Looma logo to try Looma on-line:

VTS is working with partners to acquire relevant educational content as well as proper curriculum for target countries. Initial field trials will occur in Nepal and will feature educational content selected for this country. Because interest and training are as important as the device itself, VTS is working with partners to train educators on how to use the device in their classroom.

The combination of the Looma system and key training partners will enable access to educational tools rural communities lack. VTS is currently seeking financial partners to join the Looma team and help put this powerful tool into the hands of students and teachers worldwide.

There is an active community of volunteers working on Looma. Are you an educator? Please check our educators' wiki for more details on our work developing educational material for Looma: VTS Wiki

Contact us for information on how you can help.

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