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Feb 132012

Sustain~Ability: Keeping students aloft in Nepal

by David Sowerwine

Since 1998 thirty eight WireBridges have been built over Nepal's rivers. We estimate these made possible more than 3 million crossings, all without accident.

Sparked by pleas from rural villagers, this low-cost solution emerged from countless volunteer hours, donations from individuals and institutions, and the patience and dedication of a great Nepalese construction team.

With a decade of experience, Village Solutions, the Nepalese affiliate, will will soon start refitting each of the bridges. The upgrades will include a new trolley design (for longer service life), additional safety gear, new ropes, etc. The team will also collect photos and anecdotes from the local users, which we hope to relay back to you, our supporters.

Current donations will be used for four bridges: Thumka ~ 128 meters, Gadhi II ~ 80 meters, Jaldevighat ~ 170 meters, and Sukaura ~ 165 meters. This requires $ 13,800; $ 11,600 is on hand; $ 2.200 to go!

All together the daily traffic on these four bridges is nearly 800 round trips -- for school, health care, market access. That's impact!

Please help us to keep our students (and their parents) aloft!

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