• Education: Looma

    Looma is an audio-visual technology device which will provide an interactive window to the internet and educational content to village schools that have never seen electricity, computers, or in some cases, even books.

  • Transportation: WireBridges

    The terrain of Nepal, mountainous and crossed by deep river canyons, isolates villages and makes access to the rest of the country difficult and dangerous. WireBridges have supported over 3 million safe river crossings since 2008.

  • Light: Village Sun Lights

    Rural villagers often use kerosene lamps which pollute the air in their home and require costly fuel. Village Sun Lights is a low cost LED home lighting system that runs on solar-recharged batteries.

  • Water: SafaPani

    Arsenic contamination in groundwater affects millions of people around the world. SafaPani is an inexpensive household water filtering system that cuts arsenic concentrations to one tenth the World Health Organization's safe standard.

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