Transportation: WireBridges

The Challenge

The terrain of Nepal, mountainous and crossed by deep river canyons, isolates villages and makes access to the rest of the country difficult and dangerous. In the monsoon season, mid-June to mid-September, crossing the swollen rivers is dangerous and nearly impossible.

The VTS Solution

WireBridges solve this problem by spanning river gorges with a human powered carriage system. These wheeled carriages travel on cable strung between anchor towers installed on each side of the river. The carriage is easily propelled by rope in the hands of passengers or bystanders and each carriage can hold up to four seated passengers.

WireBridges set new construction, performance, safety and affordability standards. Most parts can be locally fabricated. The heaviest individual part is about 110 KG, and the total weight of all parts is less than a ton, so a bridge is transported easily and constructed rapidly. The carriage is easily operated by villagers of all ages.


VTS has designed and installed 38 WireBridges in Nepal since 1998, which have supported over 3 million crossings without injury. This river-crossing system brings together villagers for education, medical care and commerce.

● The 128 meter Thumka Bridge over the Trisuli River eliminated a two day round trip making it possible for an extremely poor community to transport their vegetables across the river to sell along Nepal’s main highway that runs on the opposite bank.
● The 93 meter Kolpughat Bridge over the Sun Kosi River cuts a full day from the time needed for thousands of families to reach or return from the main health post.

You can fund a new bridge or adopt an existing bridge to ensure that it is maintained and safe in the years to come.

Contact us for information on how you can help.

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