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An incredible amount of educational media content exists on the Internet...and much of it can work with Looma. This page can help identify a topic, explains the search criteria, and points to possible resources.

Note: You might find that some part of this guide is unclear, incorrect, or otherwise needing attention. If so, please make note of wonky bits and send to folks who'd be interested.

Choose a content area

Subject area, topic and grade level are used to target your search. You can

  1. Start with the "Short List of Topics" below, or...
  2. Browse the Content SpreadSheet.xlsx (link)

Short Lists of Topics by Subject

English topics to target in a search Volunteer
1E04 Talking Together .pdf (open)
1E05 One and Many .pdf (open)
1E06 Where Things Are .pdf (open)
1E07 Numbers and Colours .pdf (open)
Last Updated: Oct 26

English topics to target in a search Volunteer
3E01 Lilu's Diary .pdf john
3E02 What do you like? .pdf (open)
3E03 Where is my pencil? .pdf (open)
3E04 Why are you late? .pdf (open)
3E05 Can you? .pdf (open)
Last Updated: Oct 26

Content SpreadSheet.xlsx (link)

To browse the Content SpreadSheet, first open this link and look* for these subject area tabs at the bottom:

  • English
  • Science
  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Nepali.
* Downloading the spreadsheet makes searching much easier.

Each line in the spreadsheet represents a chapter (or "lesson") in the Nepal textbook. You will find that the first column has a short code (such as 3SS1.6). This code indicates the "Class" (or grade level), subject area (here, Social Studies), and unit of study (chapter 1.6) specified by the national curriculum.

For another example, the following code...
Math 3M05 Four digit numbers interpreted as
3 = Class 3 (the third grade)
M = Math
05 = Unit 5 of the Nepal curriculum

Nepal Textbooks can be found at this link (PDFs, can be downloaded):

Study the requirements

Content that works with Looma meets various requirement related to:

  1. curriculum
  2. file types, and
  3. copyright

Curriculum Guidelines

It is suggested that the Looma Team focus on primary grades from 1 to 5
(More can be found at Curriculum Guidelines)

File Types

Looma can use most common web video formats:
  • .mov
  • .mp4
  • .ogg
  • .webm
Looma can use these common web image formats:
  • .jpg
  • .jpeg
  • .png
  • .pdf
  • not .flv (Flash).
Videos should not exceed 3-5 minutes. Interactive content would be fabulous.


The following Licensed Rights are acceptable
  • Creative Commons
  • MIT License
  • The GNU General Public License ("GPL")
See Acceptable licenses for Looma content for more information.

Browse lists of resources

An extensive list of resources has been developed. You might even add to that list!

But for now, pick through this Excel file 'cause it's handy. Download the file for easier searching.

  • Content Sources spreadsheet (link)

Ready, set...Go!

You found something! Now what? Chances are, just as in fishing, that you may catch/find what you looked for, or you may find something else interesting. Either way, please send to
   a) the ‘Lesson code’ that you think is appropriate (leave blank if you don’t know),
   b) the name of the file you found, and
   c) the URL for the file
There are many other tasks at hand. Just look at the "Articles Wishlist" on the Main Page. There are contacts to be made, social networks to address; but, our primary purpose is to find educational content.
Licensing: We are searching for games, applications, songs, videos, websites...anything available on the Internet that matches the requirements and guidelines (above) AND has Creative Commons or GNU General Public License or similar "open" license. For more details see: Acceptable licenses for Looma content.
This page has just enough information for a quick start. Later, you will probably want to take a Deep Dive into the process.