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This article was created in response to a Talk page suggestion about the content of VTS Instructional Design. Note the name of this page is derived from "Roadmap". This page should be linked from Roadmap, once that article has been created.

This article describes attempts to create new (original) Looma content. Although VillageTech Solutions is not in the business of creating content, there may be topics for which a simple bit of design can fill a gap.


  • Present information, through applications or web pages, images or video, and engage an entire classroom in the interaction
  • Activate the entire group; maybe to speak out loud, in turn or at random, individually or in unison; maybe to burst into song or dance, marching 'round the tables
  • Prompt further inquiry

New Looma content might include:

  • interactive web pages
  • applications
  • animations
  • videos


Video Vocab

Video Vocab introduces one such experiment, using Class 3 English vocabulary terms. Images and music are presented with occasional display of text (vocab).

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