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E-Paath is a set of games and activities developed by OLE Nepal for use with the computer produced by One Laptop Per Child (OLPC).

Paath means "lesson" in Nepali.

"We know them, and they allow us to use their stuff."

OLE files are not stored on Dropbox because

E-Paath is available on-line here: http://pustakalaya.org/external-content/static/epaath/epaath/ to try out.

It is not necessary to “search” for E-Paath files because we already have them all.

However, here is a task for a Looma volunteer: browse through the E-Paath files and assign them carefully to Class/Subject/Chapter in Looma.

Most E-Paath lessons and activities require Adobe Flash®; so, that content cannot be used with Looma until a Flash plugin is found that works on Ubuntu and ARM CPU. But recently, OLE have begun to develop games written in HTML5, which we can—and do—use.

Skip: insert instructions here for downloading and testing EPaath files.

[EPaath files that work with Looma: insert link?]