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Responses to some Frequently Asked Questions.

Note: Padlock icons Wiki Icon ExternalLink.jpg indicate external links that open websites outside of this wiki

How do I add formatting to text?

Here are some Wikipedia pages that help with wiki markup:
This Wikipedia article even has videos
  • Tutorial (look for tabs near page top)

What are wiki user pages for?

User Pages are visible to any visitor, as well as to users and often combine a personal profile with any of:
  • your own notes
  • links you use often
  • your own blog or website URLs
  • a list of articles (wikilinked) you are working on, or have worked on

Two Wikipedia articles about the "User" page

Open any user's User Page by clicking their name when it appears as a link, as in the Users List
Open your own User Page by clicking your username at page top, or click this link.

Note: Your "Talk" page is the "discussion" page associated with your "User" page. I can be a forum of sorts...where other users post comments, notes, and questions about your edits (or generally about wiki content).

Where should I begin?

"OK, I have volunteered. Now what am I supposed to do?"

The Quick Start article was created to address this question.

Who else is developing content for Nepal?

The OLE Nepal article has been created to address this question.

What is E-Paath?

Please see E-Paath

What about Copyright?

Please see this article to learn more about content that can work with Looma.

How can I upload an image to the wiki?

  1. Click on Upload file (link in left sidebar)
  2. "Choose file" lets you drill into your folders to select the image for upload. Watch for the "filename" on completion, it will look like this:  File:NameOfImage.jpg 
  3. Use that filename to insert the image into the document. Here is a Wikipedia article about image markup (link)
  4. Or, you could just start with this and format the image later:  [[File:NameOfFile.jpg|250px|Caption text for image here.]]  (insert name of your file)

Help! The spam filter is blocking my link!

SsVTSwiki SpamFilter.jpg

For now, notify wiki admins with the actual URL, then replace the blocked link with a placeholder (i.e., name of website) and save your edits.

What if someone asks how they can help?

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