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This article was created in response to a Talk page suggestion about VTS Instructional Design. A supporting article for Roadmap, links should be added both ways once that "Roadmap" article is created.)

VTS and the Looma Team travel three paths to produce content for Looma, including

  1. Content Search
  2. Creating Content
  3. Instructional Design (the subject of this page) which media content is wrapped or packaged in lessons and activities.

Lesson plans may take the form of

  • a manual
  • a recipe
  • an interactive screen in the User Interface
  • a layer of meta-information

Note: A template could help in creating lessons and activities. (See VTS_Instructional_Design for an early draft, in progress.)

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azwaldo: Could we develop lesson plans based on searching the Wikipedia pages that RACHEL captured?
David: Why not?

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