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Introducing teachers in Nepal to affordable, energy-efficient, compact audio-visual projection system.


The Summer 2015 volunteer team has started work.

Click here to learn about our summer projects Summer 2015.

Click the links below for background on Looma:

The Looma Team: Looma’s volunteers, how to register, what we’re doing...
Nepal-Educational Environment: about policies, schools, partners...
Articles “Wish List”: topics to be added to this wiki...
Using this wiki: suggestions for making best use of this site...
LoomaAndWireBridgeLocator: for e-travellers, an overview of VTS in Nepal...

Blog from Nepal - Rob Grande, a VTS volunteer in Kathmandu, reports on education in Nepal.

Then, use these links to find, report, create, curate, or apply...

  • Content Search: what to look for, where to look, how to report ‘finds'
  • Creating Content: guidelines for those making interactive apps for Looma
  • Instructional Design: pooled knowledge and examples for new curricula
  • ContentCuration: vet content for rights, merit, allocation to class/subject/lesson
  • LoomaFeatureWishlist: a wish list of features requested by teachers/students
  • Content Guidelines (or should it be Instructional design guidelines?): What's need to support Looma's adoption in Nepal's culture and teaching environment

Please share your ideas for improving this page!

Features of this wiki  |  Using the wiki  |  A Quick Start  |  FAQs  |  Sandbox

David & Skip test the Looma

Current "To Do" List

Looking for something to do? Check out this list for how you can contribute...

  • Write the first draft for any page in the Articles Wish List
  • Browse through E-Paath files, help assign them to Class/Subject/Chapter in Looma (see this page for more information)
  • Introduce Yourself
Add a picture and some information about yourself to your User: page. Here is an example: User:Skip.
To create/edit YOUR user page, see item #1 at Wiki_Basics.
To add a photo to a page, click the FAQs link in the SideBar (page left) and look for "How can I upload an image to the wiki?"

Meet the Looma EDU Team