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The Looma EDU Team is a group of volunteers who are working together to build the educational capabilities of Looma. Click on a User: page for more details on each member and a picture.

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David photo.jpg
David Sowerwine - Founder of VTS User:David.Sowerwine

Skip Stritter - Technical Director, VTS User:Skip

Anya Manes User:Anya.Manes
Alicia Peterson User:Alicia.Peterson
Archana Vaidyanathan Archana.Vaidyanathan
Bobby Basnet User:Bobby.basnet
Carol Williams User:Carol.Williams
Charles Key User:Charles.Key
Chris Urbine User:Chris.Urbine
Gwendolyne Mamanua User:Gwendolyne.Mamanua
Jessica Huang User:Jessica.Huang
Jessica Ward User:Jessica.Ward
John Wallace User:Azwaldo
Karin Forssell, Stanford University GSE User:Karin.Forssell
Kathy McDevitt, User:Kathy.McDevitt
Lee Dennig User:Lee.Dennig
Mari Mountsier User:Mari.Mountsier
Maria Calica User:Maria.Calica
Nadine Ferguson User:Nadine.Ferguson
Nathan Price User:Nathan.Price
Nootan Ghimire User:Nootanghimire
Radhika Bauerle User:Radhika.Bauerle
Rob Grande User:Rob.Grande
Sixit Bhatta, Three360, Kathmandu User:Sixit.Bhatta
Terrie Mui User: Terrie.Mui
Tina Butt User:Tina.Butt