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The quickest way to plug in is by helping search through the media content of a single site...a site identified as having ample, untapped resources. There, you might find a title, game, or activity that can be used with Looma today.

Follow the trail below to get a Quick Start.


The Officer of the Watch has signaled:

All hands on deck!.

Our Skipper has marked a course. We set out for the RACHEL* archipelago...

"...an initiative to make available rich and curated educational content"


* Remote Areas Community Hotspots for Education and Learning

General Orders (The Quick Start)

  1. Open this page, RACHEL's "full working version of 64GB English online"
  2. Scan the Looma Content Spreadsheet (better yet, download a copy for reference!)
  3. Search for media content that can be used with Looma, and
  4. Holler at the captain when you spot dry land!

Steady as she goes.