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Using this wiki

An instance of MediaWiki (like Wikipedia), this wiki has a few tricks up its sleeve. If unfamiliar with the "engine" behind Wikipedia, you might start here:


or, maybe stroll along some special places...


Often called a NavBar, the "SideBar" links (page left) may change which pages in this wiki will YOU want quick access?

You could start exploring this wiki by trying to find the "user page" for azwaldo...
SideBar: Tools > Special Pages > Users and rights > User List
Then, see if you can find the wiki page named "Sandbox"
SideBar: Tools > Special Pages > Lists of pages > All pages

MediaWiki editing

Text style and format can often* be achieved with HTML "tags". However, a wiki makes this easy. Here are some places to learn more about wiki markup:

  1. MediaWiki Help: Formatting[1] ←(an external link)
  1. Wikipedia Help:Wiki markup [2]
  1. VTS Style Guide (In draft...what would YOU suggest?)

* Some HTML tags do not work in a wiki.

Content needed

  • Team Member profiles (see "User Pages" at Wiki_Basics)
  • Shortened list of possible sources for azwaldo's Quick Start project. (See "Possible Resources" and "Proven Resources" in Dropbox [3] [4])

What next?

Row, or bail water!

Our priority is to find content, so you could start to search. Click through the "Quick Start" link in the SideBar to learn more about the process.

Soon, maybe you can help with

  • the wiki
  • developing the list of possible resources
  • contacting resource providers (one Team member has already contacted Sesame Street Workshop!)
  • adding to FAQs [both Qs and As!]
  • the website (blog?)
  • volunteer recruitment (?)