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Aug 12011

1 WireBridge = 30-60 children in school

by David Sowerwine

After a few days in the scenic hills of Nepal, you the visitor will begin to see the barriers that confront the local people. As you might expect, this often puts an education almost beyond reach. Many children can't get to a school safely during the monsoon--rivers block their path. Many children have no way to study at home once the sun is down for at best they have only hearth light.

VillageTech Solutions (USA) and our partner VillageSolutions (Nepal) developed this WireBridge (project #4522) and the EcoLight systems (project #3925) as solutions for many of the communities and households.

As with our own vehicles and home appliances, all mechanical systems require maintenance--including of course the WireBridges. The communities as well as their central government have few resources, and for now are unable to maintain this infrastructure.

To keep the paths to school open, we need sponsors to "Adopt-a-Bridge", just as we do to keep our own highways clean. Much like helping an individual child in school, this amounts to sponsoring a trail-full of children. No need to build another school--just make sure the kids can get there and back home safely. Stay tuned--we'll present a bridge, ready for adoption shortly.

VTS and VillageSolutions are already starting the rehabilitation of two of the bridges thanks to generous donors.

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