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Sept 182012

Looma Summer Camp

by Skip Stritter

Over the summer of 2012, volunteers from all over the US gathered at VillageTech Solutions in Menlo Park CA to build Looma prototypes. We had students from Dartmouth, Stanford, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, George Washington University and Menlo School. Four of our volunteers are natives of India, one is from Nepal.

The volunteers spent 11 weeks working on hardware engineering, software development, educational content, and market strategy. One of our volunteers spent the summer in Nepal investigating schools where we plan to field test Looma. Another of the volunteers spent the summer with us in California and is now in Nepal working with the schools.

We want to bring the benefits of modern technology – internet, computers, smartboards, projectors, and interactivity – to village schools in developing countries. Our target schools don’t have computers or internet access; many don’t have electrical power or even enough books for all the students.

We are seeking volunteers in educational content authoring, hardware engineering, software engineering, industrial design and user interface design. Our volunteers work from home or school around the country. No need to be located in California. VTS volunteers have the opportunity to visit Nepal and work on-site if they desire. Please visit our Volunteer Page if you would like to volunteer.

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